Commercial real estate

The (candidate) civil-law notaries at Hartman LMH have extensive experience in the field of commercial real estate in the greater Amsterdam area and beyond. Our services include charting and managing sales processes, transfers of large real estate complexes and construction/ development sites and securing corresponding mortgage loans. Furthermore, Hartman LMH arranges countless (amendments to) divisions into apartment rights of integrated complexes, such as properties consisting of combinations of commercial units, residential units and parking spaces. Hartman LMH’s daily practice also encompasses establishing and amending easements, ground lease rights and rights of superficies.

Careful consideration is given to the fiscal aspects of every individual real estate transaction (VAT and transfer tax), where necessary in consultation with tax consultants. Hartman LMH also works in close collaboration with specialized accountants and lawyers in order to provide the optimum in tailored and complete services to its clients.

Hartman LMH’s commercial clients are predominantly investors, real estate developers, housing corporations and municipalities. We not only aim to offer input concerning the legal elements of a transaction, but where possible also provide advice regarding the commercial aspects at hand. The (candidate) civil-law notaries at Hartman LMH possess the expertise to help you navigate the notarial aspects of your case, offering both pragmatic and inventive solutions.