Company Law

Within the scope of company law, Hartman LMH offers notarial services concerning national and international company law. Hartman LMH is well versed in the field of restructuring, (re)financing, mergers, demergers, reorganization, certification and acquisitions.

Our daily practice is diverse, as are the people who enlist our services. Our client base consists of start-ups, family businesses and multinationals, with both local and international orientations.

Upon the start of an enterprise, we determine the most suitable legal form and examine the applicable legislation and regulations, based on matters such as sector, tax consequences or the simple transferability of shares. This often leads to the incorporation of a private limited liability company (Dutch: B.V.). Specific circumstances may also lead to the selection of another legal structure, such as a cooperative, general partnership or a limited partnership.

During the course of a company’s lifespan, the notary can be consulted on a regular basis. For instance, we can offer advice in the event of pending (co)ownership. This may concern employees who are given the opportunity to participate in the company by acquiring certificates of shares via a trust foundation. For the capital requirements of a private limited company, for example, we will draw up deeds of issue of shares, loan agreements and deeds of pledge of shares. Furthermore, in the event of the acquisition of a company, the notary will draft the deed of sale and transfer of shares, or manage a merger, demerger or modify the legal form of a company.

Corporate Housekeeping

We assist many of our clients with corporate housekeeping on a daily basis: this concerns matters such as signature legalisations, intra-group share transfers and provisions for changes to the management board and subsequent notification thereof to trade register.

We support not only entrepreneurs, but also other organisations such as associations and foundations.